An open letter to any man who wants to
create new relationships quickly and easily...

"Developing Charisma -- The Most Powerful Secret In The World To Magnetically Getting Everything You Want... Finally Revealed In A Guide So Shocking, The Changes That Occur Within Moments Of Reading It Can Completely Overwhelm You -- As You Charm Your Way Into Romance, Money, Abundance, Sex And Happiness. "

(And No, It's Not Some Metaphysical Mumbo-Jumbo.)

- Samantha Parker, Co-Author    

From: Samantha Parker
Date: 14 July 2005
Key Largo, FL

Remember when you used to go to restaurants, clubs or socials, where someone in the crowd seemed to stand out more than anyone else there? You know the one. "Rob," that guy who talks to women easily. His looks are far from stunning, and you know you're smarter than he is. Women clamor to meet him and talk to him.

You think you deserve to have chicks surround you... but no...

That's what it's like when a guy's got this trait. In spite of his many lacks, he shines through like a warm beacon for all the prettiest women.

You know, "Rob" is nothing to sneeze at. He looks just like everyone else.

Average Joe.

But what makes him so damn popular? What makes him so magnetic that people even fight for his attention? Men want to follow him and women want to romance him. What's the "secret ingredient" that makes him stand out and leapfrog over his competitors... whether it's with women, in his career, or in business?

Is it because he was born lucky? Is it the money he's got or some expensive sportscar he drives? Or maybe that he knows someone... you know... someone more seemingly "important" than him?

Nope. Not at all.

There is one single ingredient that makes "Rob" such a life of the party. It's the one ingredient all lonely people lack.

You can't buy it at a store.

You can't earn it in a job or in business.

You are not born with it -- it comes through practiced skill.

Want to know what it is? It's CHARISMA...

"Charisma Is An Extremely Powerful Trait That
When Harnessed Can Make YOU More Effective With Others
And Give YOU The Ultimate Edge Over Your Competition...
In Any Situation."

Charisma is easy to spot.  You could probably name a dozen "charismatic" people you know in politics, business, or in the entertainment industry.

But even though it's easy to spot, charisma is not an easy secret to break down and share with others. Until now.

In "Developing Your Male Charisma," Race Kale and I will take you step by step through the process of developing and using improved charisma.  It's packed with powerful tips and techniques that you can place into action today to make you more likeable, believable, and charismatic!

"People Who Are Seen As Charismatic Exude Self-confidence,
Can Instantly Motivate Others Into Action
And Tell Stories That Command The Attention
Of All Within Earshot!"

If you are like the majority of the world's population you do not have the ability to step into the mind of others and captivate their attention. And people are probably not drawn to you as soon as you walk into a room.

And you're probably not yet a leader of men and lover of women. Not like you'd like to be.

You are an average guy, with average abilities, and due to your lack of charisma have average end results with most events in your life.

You've probably have experienced some of the following in your life:

  • You talked to a woman but ran out of things to say. Even though she had been interested in you, that awkward pause in the conversation killed your chances with her.

  • Someone less qualified got hired instead of you because they were able to make that special connection with the boss.

  • You watched, helpless, from the sidelines as some smooth talker monopolized the attention of that special woman you had your eye on.

  • You pay higher prices for cars and other things because you lack the ability to influence the salesman to cut you a better deal. (Imagine if a salesman gave you a discount simply because he likes you!)

  • Co-workers who are less experienced and motivated than you don't listen to you. You can't get anyone to do what you want, and you keep getting passed over for promotions.

  • You're tired of standing in long lines at popular night clubs for hours watching like a sitting duck as others step out of their cars at the door and walk right in.

  • You pull your hair out because no matter how what you do, you continue to fail to persuade others to do anything you want.

  • You listen to others talk about how easily they made a sale... while you couldn't even sell ice water to someone stranded in the desert.

  • You wonder what is wrong with you as you see all your friends dating awesome chicks, while you, despite your intelligence, can't ever find any success in love.

And thousands of other situations far worse, which I'll spare you the misery of mentioning.

Don't be fooled either.  Charisma is an attractiveness that goes beyond good looks... appeal and charm that cannot be labeled...

...a captivating quality that isn't the result of simple intellectual brilliance or a terrific sense of humor.

For a price far less than the value you'll gain from Developing Your Male Charisma, you'll be able to:

  • Get far more respect than the average guy.

  • Draw women to you without any effort on your part.

  • Discover the pain-free way to exude self-confidence!

  • Seem powerful to other guys... without being intimidating... and, in fact, they willingly defer to you.

  • Put people at ease and make them feel understood. That way, they will instinctively want to help you out.

  • Let charisma make you irresistible.

The Power To Change Other People's
Perception Of You Almost Instantly

Before we go any further let me ask you something...

Are you ready to learn how to command the attention of anyone? Imagine the power and influence you could have if everyone was interested in what you had to say!

Are you ready for people to be drawn to you as soon as you walk into a room? You will never be lonely again.

Here are just some of the discoveries you will make...

Powerful techniques to building stronger business and personal relationships. (You won't find these techniques anywhere else.)

The 8 Secret Skills for increasing your "Charisma Quotient."

18 Powerful Ways to enhance the charisma prowess of your mind, body and spirit.

3 unstoppable ways to command respectful attention from anyone.

The 9 Unbreakable, Never-Changing Rules of Relationships. (How many did you break with your last girlfriend?) Follow these, and you'll never hear those dreaded words, "Let's be friends!"

Two secret steps for using charisma to climb the corporate ladder.

Scientifically-proven charismatic colors (and uncharismatic colors) that you didn't know about. Wear the right colors, and you'll attract people without even opening your mouth!

Race's private "Health Method" you can do for yourself to automatically feel relaxed and open, to connect with others... without having to exert yourself.

Laser-targeted powerful affirmation information... demonstrated to work 100% reliably, if you do them correctly. We'll even take you by the hand and guide you through a large treasure trove of examples of affirmations that have been massively tested to do the job.

Have you ever been in conversation with a woman and run out of things to say? The magical "Enverbing" Technique will transform you into a powerful conversationalist. By using the Enverbing Technique, words will flow off your tongue without you having to put much thought into it.

How you accidentally killed your charisma and turned people off just by opening your mouth. We'll reveal the statements you're making right now which you need to eliminate from your vocabulary.

The self-confidence that you'll exude will attract women like screaming girls to Brad Pitt! Never again see that special someone you are interested in leaving with someone else while you sit back helpless.

Never Again Feel the Sting of Undeserved Rejection,
Because You'll Have Become Way Too Likable and Charismatic
For That to Ever Happen Again.

You see, Race Kale and I will reveal to you how to manipulate the dating game in your favor so you walk away with hot dates... anytime you want, and your friends will be so jealous they'll beg you to teach them your secret!

Are you ready to improve the quality of your personal relationships? Everyone will be far happier in your presence, meaning you'll have a greater influence on them, causing them to feel better about themselves and practically worship you.

Are you ready to get what you want without even asking for it? People will instinctively want to help you. You'll find yourself being promoted at work, women will be tell their friends how you are the most eligible bachelor, or if you're married they will complain that you are the one that got away!

Tap Into the Power of Your Male Charisma...

"You have an aura around you that most people cannot see.

But visible or not, it's there nevertheless. This aura affects the way people react and respond to you, either positively or negatively.

So it's easy to see why it's in your very best interest to learn to control this aura and make it work to your advantage."

-Race Kale, Co-Author of "Developing Your Male Charisma"

Are you ready to have your coworkers speculate at the water cooler on what the secret to your success was? Take control of your destiny on the job. Everyone will show you more respect.

Are you ready to win better prices on automobiles, furniture, real estate, and much, much more?  Your power to influence sellers' pricing decisions will more than pay for Developing Your Male Charisma... within just weeks after your purchase. The bottom line is that with more charisma, you'll have more money in your pocket.

Get Everything You Want In Life Easily.
When You Secure Your Copy, You'll Start Learning
The Simple Methods To Make It Happen RIGHT NOW.

Here is a sample of some of the amazing charisma building techniques that you'll discover in an extremely easy-to-follow format within the pages of Developing Your Male Charisma:

The Basics Of Charismatic Communication - Gain the ability to elicit images in the minds of others. When they can easily "see" your messages, they will open up to you completely and practically plead to have you lead them.

Making A Connection - Learn how to connect with those around you on emotional, mental, and even physical levels. People will follow you like puppydogs, clamoring for your attention.

The 8 Secret Skills for Increasing Your Charisma Quotient - Do you know what your "charisma quotient" is? Find out, as well as strategies to improve it. You'll have the ability to read people, the power of emotional expression, and the ability to always read between the lines to know exactly what someone is telling you.

Newly-Uncovered Activities To Train You To Halt Depression, Anger, And Hostility - The next time you're about to snap from stress, try this unique, powerful self expression exercise and see what happens.

Charisma Killing Statements To Avoid - When it comes to charisma, you are what you say. The words and phrases you choose to express yourself will send reverberating messages to people you're talking to. Our guide will reveal what you must banish from your vocabulary as part of your charisma improvement strategy. (How many of these phrases are you saying now, and how much damage is it doing to your life?)

Empowering Your Sales With Charisma - The secrets that will make you more welcome, more positively received, and more trusted by customers and prospects. You'll sell more, and sell more easily.

Steps For Using Charisma to Climb the Corporate Ladder - Find out how you can start rapidly advancing to the top of any industry through the creation of illusions that impact the emotional psyche of others through flair, finesse and glib language.

Charisma "Quick Reference" - 13 Tips to Remember - When you need a quick refresher to recharge your charisma batteries, just refer to the following list... a "baker's dozen" of tips to keep you on your charisma toes.

You'll see people gathering around you and hanging on every word you say.

The Biggest MYTH Is That You Have To Be Good-Looking
Or Rich To Be Popular And Always Get What You Want...

Race Kale and I have dissected the art of interacting with people and will take you by the hand and turn you into the man who everyone wants to be with. It doesn't matter if you're ugly, poor, or have no confidence -- no matter what your problem is, once you've discovered the secrets of this coveted manual, you will be transformed into someone that everyone will be battling for the attention of and you will experience great success in all aspects of your life!

This has never been done before and this is the very reason this manual is ultra powerful and turn you into a superstar with women, your boss (or your employees), your friends, your family, total strangers, and literally everyone, regardless of your current situation.

Will You Look Back on Your Life,
With This Chance to Boost Your Charisma,
and Say "I Wish I Had" or "I'm Happy I Did?"

Guys all over the world have used the powerful information in Developing Your Male Charisma to achieve their dreams of easy sex, romance, and leadership.

"That Guy Must Have Had Charisma!"

Roger, who developed his charismaWhen I was much younger I remember seeing this short, balding, old guy all the time in my favorite bar with this knockout young blonde.  And I always thought, "What could a girl like her possibly see in a guy like that?"

The only thing I can think of now after reading your guide is that the guy must have had charisma!

The whole point that I am working on getting to is that thanks to you I have morphed into that short, balding, old guy with the knockout for a girlfriend!

A week after we started going out, I asked her what she saw in me and she said I was the most exciting guy she had ever met! That is something a mail carrier in his early 40's can get used to hearing! Thank you so much!

- Roger Amato
Clayton, New York

Not convinced? Feeling Skeptical? Well, here is my promise to you.

Your extremely low investment for this priceless information is just $29.97. That's less than the price of a cup of coffee everyday for a month, and you can use what you learn from this spectacular manual for the rest of your life.

But here is something more important.

What you really need to consider is what you're getting for your money - because it is more than just a guide.

You are getting a manual loaded with hardcore content that will walk you step by step through the process of maximizing one of the most important and life changing traits of your life!

You see, charisma is powerful:

  • Charisma Makes you Influential.
  • Charisma Gets You More Sex.
  • Charisma Is Not A Function of DNA.
  • Charisma Makes You An Irresistible Man.
  • Charisma Develops Personal Magnetism In You.
  • Charisma Helps You Project Yourself Positively.
  • Charisma Controls The Impression You Make.
  • Charisma Makes You Sell Your Way To The Top.
  • Charisma Empowers You To Influence People Around You.
  • Charisma Enhances Your Personal Relationships.
  • Charisma Induces Powerful Leadership In You.

...And Charisma Can Be Developed By You!

These are highly guarded secrets which only the lucky few know. These are simple yet powerful techniques that work each and every time and are so easy to learn, you'll be doing them by tonight!

Now, if you're still skeptical, remember that...

"Your Purchase Is Backed By My
Guarantee For 60 Full Days From The Date of Purchase!"

I want you to be as confident as I am that this is the most life changing purchase you have ever made.  But if you have any doubts whatsoever, I want to make it a no-brainer for you. You see, I completely guarantee your satisfaction. Not for 10 days, not for 15 days, not even for 30 days. But for 60 full days!

Here is my 60 day Guarantee...

"60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee"

Review Developing Your Male Charisma for a full 60 days. Download and review the guide, learn all the strategies and methods, try the various exercises, and take action and utilize what you have learned with friends, women, associates, and new people you meet.

If you are not completely satisfied with all that you learned to increase YOUR charisma just send me an email within 60 days from the date of purchase and I will give you a complete refund. No questions asked. I can't be any fairer than that.

The truth is you will NEVER have to worry about a refund.

Because once you once you put the amazing methods and strategies you learn from Developing Your Male Charisma to work for you, I am confident that you are going to hardly believe the amazing results.

Take Control of How Successful Your Life Can Be - Starting Today!

Do yourself a favor. Order today, won't you? Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted. Don't delay any further. You owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this risk-free offer right now before it's too late.

Start taking control of all of your business and personal relationships today.  You won't regret it.

Yours In Success,

Samantha Parker

P.S. Every second, every minute, and every hour you delay getting Developing Your Male Charisma, one of your competitors is taking away your dream girl. STOP him in his tracks by acting now! (Download this product right now and start benefiting in just a couple minutes!)

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